My Story

Hi, I’m Kirsty,

I offer a wide range of personal development programs to help individuals, like yourself maximise their life.

I am a NLP Master Practitioner & Mindfulness Therapist & Life Coach.

My decision to venture into NLP practice came after I personally experienced and dealt with lifes ups and downs personally, as well as anxiety at work, being a single mum. It was only after a crash in my relationship one night I looked at my son and thought ‘I need to master my emotions’ I decided to start my own journey of self discovers.

Following the decision, I quit my job in a local pharmacy and set up my own business from home doing design work part time while I looked after my son and studied every evening while he slept.

My son who was just a baby then was the main reason I took to self-employment. I wanted to maintain a good work life balance and also take care of my child… plus there was no way at that time I would have afforded the nursery fees without working all hours, so it seemed like a stronger idea to spend the time with my son, study and work. However after 4/5 years of being self-employed and running a house myself , I felt there was still something missing in my life. I experienced lack of passion and incomplete as a self-employed individual.  The money seemed always such a struggle and although I was studying NLP, Mindfulness and mental health in general, I just wasn’t implementing it all into my life.  That’s when I decided to invest into myself and become a qualified Practitioner, joining networking sessions and in house training gave me a stronger passion to want to help and give.

I am working as a fully certified Master NLP Practitioner & Mindfulness & Life Coach. I am also a motivational speaker in a few schools in the UK now for sessions on wellbeing and career days. 

I am passionate about helping people acquire a renewed sense of passion and energy for life, purpose and confidence through guidance, therapy and support.

My goal is to promote mental wellness, in all ages, I feel it is important as a world to reconnect and live passionately.

I also offer FIREWALK experiences, these are to guide the client over hot coals as a metaphor to being able to push past any self implemented boundaries.  I also use board breaking, rebar bending, legowalking and glasswalking at events.

I believe in investing my time and energy with my clients enabling them to get rid of their limiting beliefs. My goal is to assist people in creating a life that they deserve and desire.  I help my clients to put an end to their feelings of self-sabotaging and experience true freedom as well as continued growth & success, I do this by giving them the range of tools I have learn’t along my path. 

I continue daily to read and educate while serving people so I can be the best version of myself to help assist you on your journey.

Thank you for taking the time to read all about me, now what is it that is limiting you?

-Kirsty Redford


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